No More Deaths Benefit Presented by Fierman Gallery & Salon 94 - New York, NY January 17th 2017 - Salon94 Freemans

"Freeze For Frieze" Presented by Moncler & The Royal Academy of the Arts (Group) Old Bond Street, London, UK October 7th - November 8th 2016

The 25th Annual Take Home a Nude Auction, Hosted by André Balazs et al. for the New York Academy of Art, New York, October 24th 2016. For more info, click here.

MOCADetroit 10th Year Anniversary Gala Detroit, MI October 8th 2016

New Baracuda curated by Nicholas Cueva, 300 Observer Highway, Hoboken, New Jersey, September 9th - October 16th 2016

"Give Me a Happy Middle" Castor Gallery New York (Group) July/August 2016

"Summer Show of New York Artists" (Group) - Coburn Projects, Mayfair, London May 31st - August 28th 2016

Shrines To Speed (Group) - Leila Heller Gallery, New York, NY May 5th - July 23rd 2016

Across One Hundred and Tenth Street (Duet) - Rod Bianco Gallery, Oslo, Norway. May 19th - June 23rd 2016

First We Take New York (Group) - Ethan Cohen Fine Arts, New York, NY. May 5th - June 20th 2016

Imagine (Group) - Brand New Gallery, Milan, Italy. March 2nd - April 2nd 2016

Naked Runaway (Group) - Xi Garden - East Village, NYC October 9th - November 20th 2015

Drift & Pop (Three Person feat. Zach Bruder and Ted Gahl) - Orgy Park, Brooklyn, NY - September 4 - October 4 2015

Summer Objects Show (Group) - Jonathan Viner Gallery - London - July 30th - August 29th 2015

Belafonte (Solo) - United Artists Ltd - Marfa, TX - March 14th - May 2nd 2015

Site Installation: Don't Need Roads (Solo) - Bill Brady Gallery - Miami, FL - January 17th - February 14th 2015

F.i.l.a. : Fall in Love Again (Solo) - Neochrome Gallery - Turin, Italy - January 8th - February 12th 2015 Click Here

Irreverent Decadence (Duet) - Louis B. James - New York, NY - September 7th - October 8th 2014