MOCADetroit 10th Year Anniversary Benefit, September 2016

"Freeze For Frieze" Presented by Moncler & The Royal Academy of the Arts (Group) Old Bond Street, London, UK October 7th - November 8th 2016

a salon hang in Los Angeles, tba October 2016


"Give Me a Happy Middle" @ Castor Gallery New York (Group) featuring: Jeanette Hayes, Aliza Morell, Anne Viseux, Emerald Rose Whipple, Heath West, amd Signe Pierce July/August 2016

"Summer Show of New York Artists" (Group) - Coburn Projects, Mayfair, London May 31st - August 28th 2016


Shrines To Speed (Group) - Leila Heller Gallery, New York, NY May 5th - July 23rd 2016

Across One Hundred and Tenth Street (Duet) - Rod Bianco Gallery, Oslo, Norway. May 19th - June 23rd 2016

First We Take New York (Group) - Ethan Cohen Fine Arts, New York, NY. May 5th - June 20th 2016

Imagine (Group) - Brand New Gallery, Milan, Italy. March 2nd - April 2nd 2016

Naked Runaway (Group) - Xi Garden - East Village, NYC October 9th - November 20th 2015

Drift & Pop (Three Person feat. Zach Bruder and Ted Gahl) - Orgy Park, Brooklyn, NY - September 4 - October 4 2015

Summer Objects Show (Group) - Jonathan Viner Gallery - July 30th - August 29th 2015

Belafonte (Solo) - United Artists Ltd - March 14th - May 2nd 2015

Site Installation: Don't Need Roads (Solo) - Bill Brady Gallery Miami - January 17th - February 14th 2015

F.i.l.a. : Fall in Love Again (Solo) - Neochrome Gallery - January 8th - February 12th 2015 Click Here

Irreverent Decadence (Duet) - Louis B. James - September 7th - October 8th 2014

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